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16 01, 2023

Treated like crap after 22 years

2023-01-16T15:29:28-05:00January 16, 2023|Cell Phone, Customer Service|

As my 3G LG flip became obsolete, Verizon gave me an Orbic 4G flip phone that does not work. After many hours on the phone to customer service and in person at the Verizon store, they finally agreed to send me a replacement for the Orbic flip phone. They sent me a different flip phone, a TLC flip phone. Unfortunately the new phone came without a battery, a charger or a back to the phone (the back to the Orbic phone will not fit the TLC phone) I have been without a mobile phone now for almost two months, this after 22 years with Verizon. They really suck

3 01, 2023

Bait and switch

2023-01-03T09:20:22-05:00January 3, 2023|Cell Phone, Customer Service|

We trusted the rep at the Verizon store who told us we’d get $700 for trading in our old Google Pixels to upgrade. That was a lie. According to the fine print, what we are actually receiving is a $20 discount on our device payments every month for 3 years. If we pay off early, or upgrade early, the balance of the $700 trade in value will be forfeited.

Customer service is totally impotent, disconnected from customer accounts far enough that they cannot make this right. The only course of action is to file a dispute for arbitration.

This is how it feels to be a dog on Verizon’s leash 🤡

20 12, 2022


2022-12-20T14:05:24-05:00December 20, 2022|Customer Service|

I called to ask why my call filter stopped blocking unknown numbers and was told that I needed a new phone. My phone is not old, and it’s been blocking unknown numbers up until recently.

8 09, 2022

Verizon last in customer satisfaction among Tier 1 carriers

2022-09-08T11:57:32-04:00September 8, 2022|Cell Phone, Customer Service|

J.D. Power’s U.S. Wireless Purchase Experience Study recently ranked Verizon last in customer satisfaction among Tier 1 carriers. The firm measured purchase experience satisfaction based on cost and promotions as well as the purchase process, collecting data throughout the first half of 2022.

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