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2206, 2023

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June 22, 2023|Cell Phone, Customer Service, FiOS, Landline, Other|


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306, 2023

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June 3, 2023|Cell Phone, Customer Service, FiOS, Landline, Other|


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905, 2023

Verizon sucks

May 9, 2023|Other|

Verizon throttles me day and night. I have an unlimited plan which is unusable because it’s so slow. Data through cellular. They say they “prioritize” data. The true word is throttling. It’s like Putin’s “special operation”. They lie and cheat their customers. They charge high prices for totally crappy service. I have two towers visible from my house and live right in the middle of town, yet Verizon services is unusable. They know how to take your money…they just can’t provide acceptable service. Verizon truly sucks.

1403, 2023

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March 14, 2023|Cell Phone, Customer Service, FiOS, Landline, Other|

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103, 2023

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March 1, 2023|Cell Phone, Customer Service, FiOS, Landline, Other|


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1601, 2023

Treated like crap after 22 years

January 16, 2023|Cell Phone, Customer Service|

As my 3G LG flip became obsolete, Verizon gave me an Orbic 4G flip phone that does not work. After many hours on the phone to customer service and in person at the Verizon store, they finally agreed to send me a replacement for the Orbic flip phone. They sent me a different flip phone, a TLC flip phone. Unfortunately the new phone came without a battery, a charger or a back to the phone (the back to the Orbic phone will not fit the TLC phone) I have been without a mobile phone now for almost two months, this after 22 years with Verizon. They really suck

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