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2012, 2022


December 20, 2022|Customer Service|

I called to ask why my call filter stopped blocking unknown numbers and was told that I needed a new phone. My phone is not old, and it’s been blocking unknown numbers up until recently.

1512, 2022

Verizon is the worst

December 15, 2022|Cell Phone|

I was given 3-$350 gift cards from Verizon. I was told when I received them that I could use them to buy a new phone. When I went to buy it I was told I am not allowed to use them to buy a phone. VERIZON IS FULL OF LIARS!!!! Do not go to this company.

809, 2022

Verizon last in customer satisfaction among Tier 1 carriers

September 8, 2022|Cell Phone, Customer Service|

J.D. Power’s U.S. Wireless Purchase Experience Study recently ranked Verizon last in customer satisfaction among Tier 1 carriers. The firm measured purchase experience satisfaction based on cost and promotions as well as the purchase process, collecting data throughout the first half of 2022.

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